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Annual Fund Raising at Sam's Cafe

Annual Fund Raising at Sam's Cafe

Ou-Yang and his wife, Mei, host their own personal fundraiser for Jene Wah which helps them pay respect to their elders. CALIXTRO ROMIAS/THE RECORD

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Missions of Jene Wah

Jene Wah, Inc. is a non-profit multi-service agency dedicated to helping Chinese immigrants of all ages to integrate into American society. Jene Wah, Inc. has initiated a number of programs to serve Chinese speaking seniors under the auspices of the Department of Aging and United Way of San Joaquin County.

President's Message

On behalf of the Jene Wah seniors, I am pleased to welcome all who grace the doors of our senior service agency. Our staff, volunteers and Board of Directors join me in sharing our facility, the activities and a bowl of rice with you. For over thirty years Jene Wah has kept its vision and goal: to help the seniors remain healthy, independent and in their communities for as long as possible. The senior center provides a safe heaven from the loneliness of living alone and with no transportation readily available. With games, health seminars, medical fairs, group exercises, and a hot lunch, the seniors can interact with others or just sit and enjoy watching the activity. Staff are around to monitor the seniors’ mental and physical well-being. Jene Wah endeavors to interact with other non-profits in the community and to stay abreast of mission and goals of these organizations. We welcome other organizations to collaborate with us so as to maintain a community wide service voice. Jene Wah is a beacon of hope and light for all who come seeking help. Referrals from medical and social service agencies remind staff that Jene Wah is a unique and vital service to the larger community. Donations from the community remind us that we have the respect of the wider community. Seeing the content faces of the seniors reinforces our commitment to follow our mission. Thank You for visiting our website. Our staff, volunteers and The Board of Directors are committed to all things senior.